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Pine Creek Valley Local Cabin Rentals
Looking for a place to show your cabin you have to rent? Well you have come to the right place. Many of the visitors coming to Pine Creek are located hours away from the area and do not have the time to come see, in person, your rental, so they turn to the Internet for guidance. Pine Creek is the largest site that covers the Pine Creek Valley area. We have the most robust information about Pine Creek and the Pine Creek Rail Trail. We also, rank high, if not #1, on all search engines when searching for the rail trail or the pine creek valley. For more information on site stats contact us at

For Cabin Rentals we offer 3 types of advertising:
  • Logo or Picture Ad (Example) - $50 Per Year
    • Includes 1 logo or picture (175x175px)
    • address and phone number
    • 1 email link
    • 1 map link
  • Logo or Picture Ad w/ external links (Example) - $100 Per Year
    • Everything with logo ad
    • address and phone number
    • 1 Facebook page link
  • Description and Photo Page (Example) - $150 Per Year
    • Everything with the logo ad with external links
    • 1 full descriptive page with photos which allows you to show off the entire rental. Could replace your outdated website!
For additional questions please contact us at As always thank you for using Pine Creek!

Pine Creek Council of Governments, the COG serves the entire Pine Creek Valley PaPennsylvania Pa Wilds now teamed up with Pine Creek Valley.comPine Creek Valley Preservation Association

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