Pine Creek
In the first decade of the 20th century, these lumbermen worked logs down Little Pine Creek above Waterville.  George W. Love (b. 1865), fourth from right, and the other lumbermen are holding peaveys.  Invented by Joseph Peavey of Maine in 1858, this very popular tool was a stout wooden pole about five feet long, with an iron point and a hook on its end.  It was used for turning, rolling, jabbing and hooking logs, to free them from the obstacles or riverbanks.

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Pine Creek
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Augustus (Gus) Bonnell’s garage in Waterville was located where the Pine Creek Valley Lodge was later built. Otto Campbell, in 1933, is in the center with his 1933 Packard to his right. Note the Tydol gasoline sign, advertising the era’s popular brand of fuel from New York State’s Tidewater Oil Corporation. In 1937, J. Paul Getty bought the company, and the gasoline became Tydol Flying A, and eventually just Flying A.
Less than four miles north of Ramsey Village lies Waterville, at the confluence of the Little and Big Pine Creeks. The first known settler in the area was John English, another Revolutionary War veteran.

        The first recorded sawmill was that of Capt. Christian Stake, built in 1792, not far up Little Pine Creek. Abraham Harris built Harris Tavern in 1825, later renamed the Carson Hotel, and then the Waterville Hotel.
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