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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Project No. 768 involved constructing this stone retaining wall along Route 44, about one mile below Ramsey.  Among the workers are foreman Ralph Sweeley and timekeepers John E. Snook and A.H. Hilborne.  The WPA was a Roosevelt New Deal Agency from 1935 to 1943.

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Pine Creek
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The Boy Scout Camp Kline footbridge over Pine Creek south of Ramsey swayed under the tread of many happy scouts in the summer of 1961. Built in 1955, the wire–cable suspension bridge had a 14–ton capacity and a maximum height of 25 feet over the water. On Easter Sunday, April 14, 1974, it was destroyed by extremely high winds associated with violent storms that had spawned tornados in the region.
The history of Ramsey Village, about three miles north of Tombs Run, is to a great degree the history of the Ramsey Family. Their continuous presence in the area spanned from just after the Revolutionary War until 1981, almost 200 years.

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