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Four important aspects of Blackwell Village appear in this very early 1900s photograph. The Methodist Episopal church was erected in 1892.  A daily stage carried mail and passengers between Blackwell and Morris.  The lumber piles testify to the importance of the logging and milling industries.  And the train station and the Fall Brook Railroad linked Blackwell to the wider world.

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Four friends are out bicycling around Blackwell one fine day in around 1915. The boy on the right, Raymond Fayette English, was a great-great grandson of James English (1744-1823), an aide to Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War and one of the noted hunters and trappers of his time in Pine Creek Valley.
Five miles above Cedar Run, the village of Blackwell is at the juncture of Pine and Babb Creeks. Named after the pioneer family that arrived in the area back in 1811, this very small village is still home to a few descendants of Enoch Blackwell Sr.

        Blackwell made a living lumbering, as did many of his descendants. A grandson, also named Enoch Blackwell, was the village's first postmaster, from 1862 to 1886. The post office (which closed in the late 1930s) was actually named Lloyd, in honor of Thomas Lloyd, who had been brought as a child by the Blackwells from England to America. Lloyd prospered at Blackwell, marrying Elizabeth Campbell, and raising 16 children.
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