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Planning/Zoning/Permitting:  Brown Township, Lycoming County and/or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires one or more of the following permits prior to the change in type of use, increase of use, or prior to subdivision, development, and/or improvement (construction, remodeling, or demolishing of structures) of any property.  Contact the Lycoming County Zoning Administrator (570-320-2144) or the Brown Township Permit Officer (570-353-2938

  • Planning/Zoning Permit – Permit required for any change to an existing

property must be obtained prior to or in conjunction with, applications for all other required permits.  Any permit sought after work begins will be charged double for the permit. In addition to the county zoning fee there is also a township fee for issuing permits. 

  • On-Site Sewage Permit – Permit required for any change or repair to an existing sewage system or the addition of any new system.  Contact SEO Robert Bertin (570-998-2859).
  • Highway Occupancy Permit – Permits required for any property directly accessing vehicle traffic to/from a State Highway and to/from a Township Road.
  • Building/Occupancy Permit – Permit required for the construction of any new structure or the renovation, remodeling, major repair to, or demolition of an existing structure.  Contact Codes Inspection (570-547-0488).
  • Stormwater Permit – Certain land disturbances associated with construction and land development activities may require a Stormwater Permit.

Effective April 9, 2004 all property owners will be required to comply with Pennsylvania’s “Uniform Construction Code” (PA Act 45), which will require at a minimum: obtaining the services of “Codes Inspection” to review construction plans and provide up to five construction inspections, prior to issuing an occupancy permit.   

Municipal Waste

Household waste disposal and recycling are provided at two sites in the township:
South end of the Black Forest Inn parking lot, this site accepts household waste,
recycling containers for glass, bi/metals and cardboard.  Items must be separated and placed in the proper containers.
Rt. 414 near Cedar Run, this site accepts household waste, a five-product container for clear, brown and green glass, tin/steel cans and aluminum cans.  A container for corrugated cardboard, fiberboard [cereal, pizza, shoe boxes, beverage packs] and junk mail.  A container for #1 & # 2 plastics and newspapers and magazines.  All items must be separated and placed in the proper containers.  The township encourages recycling and would appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep costs down to avoid a tax increase.  Lycoming County Resource Management places the recycling containers at the Rt. 414 site at no cost to the township or the taxpayers.  Wayne Township Landfill places the recycling containers at the Black Forest site at a cost of $45.00 per container per empty.  Love Disposal is our hauler for household waste.

Brown Township holds “Clean-Up” days, (furniture, bedding, carpet, appliances -units with freon $20.00 charge, tires - $4.00 each, etc.) at the Route 414 site on the second Saturdays May and November from 10am – 2 pm. 

Office of Open Records, Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street, Plaza Level
Harrisburg, PA  17120-9903

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